Project Description

Carlos F. Perez served as the Project Manager / Parks Planner and David Barth served as the Principal-In-Charge for the Sarasota County Parks, Preserves, and Recreation Strategic Plan (PPRSMP). The purpose of the PPRSMP was to create a clear set of goals, policies and objectives that provide County leaders and the Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Department (PRNR) with direction for the development, redevelopment and enhancement of the County’s parks, trails, natural areas, and civic spaces for the next 20 years.

During the planning process, it was determined that the traditional suburban classification system for parks and open

spaces (e.g. neighborhood, community, and regional parks) has become obsolete and does not reflect the needs of

urbanizing communities such as Sarasota County. Dave and Carlos developed a new, three-tiered classification system for each of Sarasota’s subsystems. The plan has allowed the County to prepare for an upcoming bond referendum that will facilitate improvements to the County's parks, recreation, and natural lands system.

Client Testimonial

Carlos and David worked tirelessly with internal staff , external stakeholders, organizations and the public…to develop implementation strategies within a “do able” Parks, Preserves, and Recreation Strategic Master Plan that provides focus and guidance over the course of many years into the future. [They] achieved all the project objectives and through their dedication, responsiveness, patience and professionalism exceeded our expectations.

- Carolyn Brown, Former Director