About Us

Philosophy + History

Perez Planning + Design, LLC (PP+D) is a research-based planning and design firm that lives at the intersection of people, space, and the built and natural environment. We focus on working with our clients to thoughtfully and strategically integrate these key elements to plan, design, and implement a public realm that is viable, responsive, dynamic, and resilient. Stated simply, we work collaboratively with our clients in Re+Defining the Public Realm.

PP+D believes that through our collaborative, research-based planning and design process, public realm planning and design projects can help not only improve the built and natural environment but also address some of the complex social, economic, and environmental issues that community face, such as crime/community safety, low-educational attainment, food deserts, poverty, flooding, affordable housing, environmental contamination, etc.

Through the years and through professional practice and research, we've collected examples, case studies, and best practices that illustrate this power and enjoy sharing them with our Clients and communities. These case studies help educate, inspire, and empower communities to consider how the principles from these best practices may be implemented in their communities to enact change.

PP+D was founded by Carlos F. Perez in 2014 in order to provide clients with client-focused, responsive, and thoughtful public realm planning and design consulting services. PP+D focuses on providing Parks and Recreation System Planning + Design, Active Transportation Planning + Design, Urban Design + Landscape Architecture consulting services. 

Planning + Design Team


Carlos F. Perez, PLA | President + Founder

Carlos F. Perez has focused his professional career on collaboratively planning and designing livable communities through the strategic planning and design of the public realm. His academic training and professional specialization in Parks and Recreation System Planning and Design, Active Transportation Planning and Design, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture provide for a unique view and keen understanding of the important, multifaceted role that the public realm plays in creating livable communities.

Carlos has led or collaborated on over fifty Parks and Recreation System Plans for cities throughout the United States including Seattle, Washington; Washington D.C.; Raleigh, North Carolina; Miami-Dade County, Florida; Sarasota County, Florida; Norfolk, Virginia; and Downtown San Diego, California. 

Carlos also specializes in Active Transportation Planning and Design and is one of the lead planners and designers for the PATH Foundation, a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia that has implemented over 200 miles of trails and bicycle facilities in the Atlanta Metro Area. Significant projects that Carlos has led include PATH 400, PATH Parkway, Peachtree Creek Greenway, Centennial Olympic Park Signature Cycle Track, and the on-going planning and design of the Atlanta BeltLine Northeast Trail. 

Carlos is also a Board Member and Vice-Chair of the Atlanta non-profit and parks advocacy organization Park Pride, a Founding Board Member of the Atlanta Chapter of Young Professionals in Transportation, a member of the Urban Land Institutes Center for Leadership Class of 2014, and on the Advisory Council for the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida. Carlos also speaks regularly at conferences sharing his passion, experience, and lessons learned on parks and active transportation planning and design. 

Prior to establishing Perez Planning + Design, LLC, Carlos co-led AECOM’s (formally Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin, Inc.) Parks and Open Space System Planning and Design practice. During his tenure at AECOM, Carlos led and collaborated on a variety significant projects and established many of the processes and procedures that the company still uses today.

Carlos received a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida, a Master’s in City and Regional Planning, and a Master’s of Science in Architecture with a Concentration in Urban Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is married to his beautiful and loving wife Iliet and currently lives in the Midtown Neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. 


David L. Barth, PhD, PLA, AICP, CPRP | Associate

Dr. David Barth is a registered Landscape Architect, Certified Planner, and Certified Parks and Recreation Professional who specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of the public realm. He is also an expert facilitator and strategic planner. He has developed parks and recreation system master plans for over 100 communities throughout the United States including Washington, D.C, Miami-Dade County, Norfolk, VA, downtown San Diego, and the City of Raleigh. He has also led the planning and/or design of hundreds of parks and trails including Orange County’s West Orange Trail, Martin County’s Indian Riverside Park, and the City of Kissimmee’s Lakefront Park. He was a co-author of the American Planning Association (APA) publication From Recreation to Re-Creation, as well as a contributor to APA’s Planning and Urban Design Standards for parks and recreation needs assessments. Most recently he authored APA’s Planning Advisory Service Memo Alternatives for Determining Parks and Recreation Levels of Service.

David received a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida; his Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University; and his PhD in Design, Construction and Planning at the University of Florida.


Hayley Harrison, PLA | Senior Landscape Architect

Hayley is a Registered Landscape Architect that specializes in the development of design development and construction documents. Hayley seeks to provide designs that recognize the natural landscape and local cultural context. She works collaboratively with clients as partners in creating designs that are realistic in budgetary, maintenance, and aesthetic expectations in order to great spaces to visit and inhabit with unintrusive and logical maintenance regimes. Halley received a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida. 


Abhishek Behera | Urban Designer

Abhishek Behera is a planner, urban designer, and architect who specializes on the integration of the public realm with the urban built environment. He has gathered international experience in the design and revitalization of waterfronts, streets, and transit corridors as assets of the community and tools for economic development and quality of life improvements. 

Abhishek has worked in four different countries across the world and brings a unique experience and process to understanding the local community and culture and integrating those elements into the planning and design of the public realm. 

Abhishek received his undergraduate degree in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, India; and his Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning with a specialization in Transportation and Land Use from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Tejas Khandekar | Urban Planner + Designer

Tejas Khandekar is an architect and urban designer with a passion for well-designed effective and efficient public spaces. Trained as an architect, Tejas has a varied technical expertise in high-rise, institutional, residential and industrial architectural projects. This experience provides him the ability and experience to problem solve from various angles, which he uses to inform his design of the public realm.

Tejas received his undergraduate degree in Architecture from the VNIT in Nagpur, India; and his Master’s Degree in Urban Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Carley Rickles | Landscape + Urban Designer

Carley Rickles is a landscape and urban designer. Her focus and interest are on the public realm with specialties in ecologically sensitive design and design communications. She values site engagement, local context, and community health and wellness through alternative transportation and public parks. Carley received her undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia in Athens, GA; and her Master’s Degree in Urban Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology.