Project Description

Old Ivy Park is an unrealized jewel located at 519 Old Ivy Road in the northern portion of the City of Atlanta, Georgia. The Park is adjacent to the PATH 400 Trail and has the potential to transform a series of underutilized green and gray spaces in the most under-parked community in the City of Atlanta into much needed park amenities for area residents.

To that end, The City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), Livable Buckhead, Inc. (LBI), and Perez Planning + Design, LLC (PP+D) partnered to work collaboratively with neighborhood residents and area stakeholders to plan and develop a conceptual master plan for the spaces.

The master planning process was led by a thirteen member steering committee of residents and stakeholders from the community. The process included five steering committee meetings, two public workshops, an on-line social media public input portal, and input from the City of Atlanta Design Studio. During this process steering committee members, area stakeholders, and residents identified and commented on a series of guiding principles, objectives, and a desirable program and activities that informed the design of the spaces into a transformative park.

Moving forward, the neighborhood, in partnership with LBI and DPR, will actively work to raise money for the development of construction documents and capital improvements for the realization of the park. The realization of Old Ivy Park will provide a multitude of economic, social, and environmental benefits including increased property values; access to the PATH 400 Trail; traffic calming; physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness; cultural exchange, social resiliency; and historical and environmental awareness, preservation, and stewardship.