Project Description

Carlos F. Perez served as the Project Manager and Parks Planner for the 2013 Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Capital Improvements Plan Update (2013 CIP) and 2011 Parkland Acquisition Analysis. Gwinnett County hired Perez Planning + Design, LLC to continue working with the County on the 2017 CIP.

The 2013 and 2017 CIP accomplished the following:

• Evaluated the current status of the County’s ability to provide service based upon its enhanced array of capital facilities;

• Analyzed service gaps and needs within the County due to changes in population and distribution of existing and planned facilities; and

• Proposed a refined Capital Program for 2013-2018

The Planning Process for the 2013 and 2017 CIP was completed in three phases:

• Phase I – Analysis of Previous Planning Work and Existing Conditions

• Phase II – Public Input Meetings

• Phase III – Capital Project Recommendations

Phase I of the planning process included a Kick-Off Meeting with Gwinnett County and consultant staff to confirm the Plan’s purpose and goals. Following the workshop, Carlos and the project team received and reviewed information from the County regarding existing documents for incorporation into the updates. Phase I also included an update of all County park acreage, park types, primary facilities and a Service Area Gap Analysis of 13 key facility types.

Phase II focused on engaging the public and collecting input through the Recreation Authority, public workshops, a county-wide statistically valid telephone survey, and interviews with Business Partner Institutions. In Phase III, Carlos worked very closely with County Staff and used findings from previous phases to establish a recommended list of CIP projects. Through this process, Carlos worked closely with County Staff and the Recreation Authority to identify over $250 million of improvements in 2013 and $130 million in 2017.

Client Testimonial

I have enjoyed collaborating with Carlos Perez on Gwinnett County's 2013 and 2016 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Master Plans (Capital Improvement Plans – CIPs). He has a flexible approach and a record of being responsive to both shifting demographics and the changing desires of the community. He does this by bringing forth novel ways of assessing the community's needs which allows us to better determine and respond to those needs. I would recommend Carlos Perez to anyone looking to complete a Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan because there is no one better in the State of Georgia!

- Rex Schudder, Principal Community Planner