Project Description

Perez Planning + Design, LLC (PP+D) was hired by the PATH Foundation, Inc. and the Georgia World Congress Center to complete the Design and Engineering for the Centennial Olympic Park Signature Streetscape and Cycle Track. This important connection completes the missing bicycle and pedestrian link between the John Portman Cycle Track and Streetscape project and the Luckie Street Cycle Track, also completed by PP+D. 

The design of the streetscape and cycle track are inspired by the design vocabulary of Centennial Olympic Park. Paving and paver materials, colors, and patterns are utilized in such a way that the streetscape and cycle track feel as though they are an extension of the Park. The cycle track is separated from the pedestrian way by a raised planter. 

In order to facilitate the safe interaction of pedestrians entering and exiting the park and cyclist riding along the cycle track, PP+D used ground mounted LED light fixtures in the Mixing Areas that are activated to flicker when cyclists break the plane of laser beams located at strategic distances from Park entrance crossings and Mixing Areas. The flickering of lights alert pedestrians that cyclist are approaching the Mixing Area.